Wednesday, October 8, 2014

3 Ways to Celebrate and Embrace Autumn

I have to admit, autumn is most definitely my favorite season. I love the mild chilly weather, I love the warm colors of the leaves, I love the pumpkins and lattes, I love it all! Thus, what a great thing to embrace and enjoy. Of course I wouldn't enter fall unprepared and without a Pinterest board ready to go. Lucky for you I'll share! Here are three things you should do to embrace autumn! 

1. Mason Jar Candles 

These are a little messy but oh so fun to make. All you need are: leaves (fake are best), a mason jar, hot glue or mod podge, and some kind of twine (optional) to tie around the top. Just use your creative self and get gluing! 

I have actually made these in the past and while they were uber cute and easy, don't make the mistake I did in using real leaves. While I don't have pictures to prove it, after a few days my leaves began to get crusty and fall apart leaving a gluey disaster inside my mason jar. 

2. Autumn Scented Pot 

I'm just going to be real with you, I live in a one bedroom apartment with my lovely husband and puppy which means whenever there is a scent or stench, you will without a doubt smell it throughout the entire apartment. This potpourri pot has been a lifesaver for me multiple times, although I never really follow a recipe, I just throw in whatever we have in the kitchen and hope for the best. You can find the actual recipe for the picture above here to fill your home with the sweet sweet smells of autumn. 

3. Glitter Pumpkins 

You've probably seen these on Pinterest before because they are freakin cute! Plus, you don't end up with a super mushy, smelly, half carved pumpkin on your doorstep two days after halloween. AND incase you miss putting candles inside your carved pumpkins to share your masterpiece with the night life of the world, Martha Stewart has a line of glow in the dark glitter that works perfectly with these. You can find instructions for the monogramed pumpkin above here

Just a few ways to spice up your fall this year!